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Gantt adaptation to the specific needs

Scheduling tool as a powerful, smart board view, that transforms data to efficiently and smoothly reach goals:

1. Tickets activities displayed against time by listing various activities on one side and along the other is timeline represented by a bars. Position and length of bars reflects start date, duration and end date.

2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) represents a hierarchy of tickets that are "broken" into smaller groups to build complex dynamic hierarchy.

3. Each ticket informs how they are relate to each other, how far have progressed and are scheduled to start immediately when its time-based plans are complete.

4. Provide dependencies as start-to-finish (SF), start-to-start (SS), finish-to-finish (FF) and finish-to-start (FS) to link tickets together.

5. Visual representation (Critical path) how the scheduling project and its tickets are ahead or behind schedule.

6. Drag and drop to either move ticket up and down, slide ticket left and right along timeline or stretch ticket time by dragging one side. Option to multiselect them should have followed.

7. Highlight dependency-based scheduling conflicts by manual scheduling mode.

8. Mobile-optimized view of listing activities in hierarchy work breakdown structure and project timeline to create, update, view or organize activities in project.