viennacontemporary and vc_on

I was thrilled to make online present of art from Vienna, Central and Eastern Europe. 

Wireframing for TV App

Absolutely team professional combination to develop easy to use, understand, and deal with user-friendly TV environments. My warmly thank Daniel ;)

Online Photo Album

Interesting fast project for IOS where I built up UI Design construction

Corporate Icons

Original, Logo, Design, Icons, Brand, Identity, Fresh, Find, Connect, Communication, Family, Social ...

Architecture Project Guide Web App

Find simply in a structured way architecture projects and their process step by step

Food Application Icon

The logo with branding for Food Application along with Concepts, wireframes and fine design

Native App to Throw the Perfect Party

I am thankful to worked together with my great colleagues on this native smartphone app where we devenloped suiteble smart solutions that accepts application usage requirements

Café Bonifáco

The visual identity for Café Bonifáco in Brno

Redesign The Local App

Very nice effective and creative work between me and UX Designer to refresh one local app

Business Web Application

Wonderfully crafted Business web application design

E&P Website 

UI Web design for a simple (but complete) website

App for Meeting New People

Meet new people, find friendship with like-minded people or accessible way to get to know people around

Christmas and New Year Card

This year I made a New Year card for really cool client called Tiskárna Helbich

Ivo Přeček 2016 Calendar

An award-winning calendar featuring the work of famed Czech photographer Ivo Přeček

Mr French Fry

The logo and branding for Pan Hranolka

E-learning courses

E-learning courses designed specifically for interactive study via the web, provided by Kentico to their partners

1337 Challenge!

An online game that challenges hackers to—yes—hack the website

VIDA Science Centrum

The logo for the Moravian Science Centre in Brno, Czech Republic

Logo for ESF CUP

Great gaming tournaments or everything  what eSports players heart desires

Viniculture Furmínek

Interesting project guiding influences of old traditional style wine making


The visual identity and logo for Lípa

Brains and Hearts Invitation

The invitation for the party of Brains and Hearts

Café Crowbar

The visual identity for Café Crowbar in Brno

Miloš Budík 2015 Calendar

An award-winning calendar featuring the work of famed Czech photographer Miloš Budík

The National Network of Local Action Groups in the Czech Republic

Company design for the National Network of Local Action Groups in the Czech Republic

Cosy Design Apartment

The signage and navigation system of Brno's Cosy Design Apartment

History of Medicine

A communication platform for the History of Medicine

Gym and Box

The visual identity for Gym and Box Centre in Brno

Ateliér Petra Trambová

The visual identity for the architectural studio of Petra Trambová

The Electricity Company

The visual identity for The Electricity Company

Camp Fire Celebration

The design for a celebration of a private event

Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice Visual Identity

Fun project that allowed to play and experiment

The architectural studio Atelier 99

The architectural studio Atelier 99 dealing quality Czech architecture, public space and design.

Google Apps Educational Campaign

Creative campaign for Česká Spořitelna internal department to educate and inform all employees about Google Apps system and possibilites

Greenvia Logo and visual style of communication

Greenvia design attractive and functional solutions of public spaces and indoor greener

Digital Agencies 2016

Are You on Track or Are You Lagging Behind?

Wedding Invitation

MY great friends decided toget married and I was truly honored for them work!

Žlutý Magazine

The monthly magazine published by Student Agency

Žlutý Magazine

The cover of monthly magazine published by Student Agency

Humanitarian Aid and Devenlopment Cooperation

Branding for the project of Caritas Czech Republic called Humanitarian Aid and Devenlopment Cooperation


Design and realization of gift folding PF in cooperation with CYRRUS Marketing

Hair Salon People

Proposals for logos and subsequent comprehensive treatment of corporate design People

Carp Loans

Corporate design for the Carp Loans

British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

Simple design with a formidable attitude

App Visual Identity

A series of icons created to promote apps of various new technologies