hany zackova

Think. New. Provoke. Build.

Chapter /02

My Fascination with Creativity Already Began.​

In 2008, I started working as a creative graphic designer. Since then, I have been fortunate to collaborate with many exceptional people, organisations, and brands around the world to create seemingly simple yet effective, smart design solutions to achieve remarkable results. These projects are the result of a deep understanding of the necessary research and a holistic approach that aligns with the objectives of each design.

I, together with my team, have received many international awards, including the Grand Prix and First Place Award for Calendar of the Year 2016, awarded by Typografia Magazine in the Czech Republic, as well as Silver in the Publications category at the European Design Awards. Additionally, I have coworked on multiple international projects, such as QueueDr or work for Canadian twitter.

To combine design and other expertise to meet user needs and marketing goals is possible through functionality and effectiveness. When matched with emotionally responsive design, simplicity, and an eye for detail and accuracy, you can begin to understand what drives my way of thinking.

I am happy to expand upon my own experience and knowledge in constant progression, searching for new methods and collaborations with other creative individuals.

I seek to create the right atmosphere for teamwork on specific projects so that there is potential to transform something in its nascent stages into new ideas and, eventually, meaningful design.


2016  European Design Awards
2016  Calendar of the year Awards
2016  Design Awards Czech Republic
2015  Calendar of the year Awards
2015  Design Awards Czech Republic


Interaction Design
Designing for multiple devices and platforms
Visual communication and Campaigns
Creative direction
Production Design
Packaging Design
Editorial Design
Advertising and Identity systems

Chapter /03

Don't Tell Me What They Said about Me.

"I was very impressed with the accuracy and foresight that Hany applied to the visual design challenges that she worked on for us. Her work was exceptionally clean and precise and always had a layer of emotional creativity that helps elevate a design from standard to something more."

Florian Kraner, Principal Consultant

"Hany is a great designer, who is always listening the stakeholders, but taking the ideas further to deliver great value and experience with her fresh and creative designs."

Dana Tousova, Vice President Marketing

"Hany ist eine überaus freundliche und hilfsbereite Arbeitskollegin. Ich weiß, dass sie wirklich genau arbeitet und ihr Detailarbeit sehr wichtig ist. Außerdem hat Hany in echt kurzer Zeit ziemlich gut Deutsch gelernt. Toll!"​

Sissi Griessler, Somatic Coaching

"Hanys fachliche und kreative Kompetenzen werden bereichert durch ihre wertschätzende, besondere und freundliche Art."​

Marion Krauss, Art Director